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Welcome to NCDCS, the National Center for the Development of Constitutional Strategies.
This web site and blog will continue to develop with interrelated content for the identification of fundamental problems facing America and then the development of strategic Constitutional solutions.
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We are at the critical juncture as in 1786 when the Articles of Confederation were being questioned. Not only that, from a point of usurpation and as De Tocqueville noted “a soft tyranny”, we are at that place of lost Liberty and despotism that our found lived through between 1768 and 1774.  But, We have a Constitution and our elected are to uphold and defend it!  What if I told you – They are…

Most Citizens believe we are engaged with the Constitution that “WAS” yet the elected are fully engaged in acting according to the Constitution that “IS“.  It is in Fact, “The Tale of Two Constitutions“.  What has happened to our Constitutional Republic and what do we need to do to Heal the Constitution?  Schedule a presentation for your organization.

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Available NOW: “From Covenant To The Present Constitution Workbook”

Finally after almost 10 years of giving the presentation lectures the Workbook is here!

What has happened to the functional implementation of Founder’s Intent for the Constitution? Are those elected to office upholding their “Oath of Office”? Yes they are but not as we expect – This book tells you how and why!  What is good Governance? What has changed our implementation of our Constitutional Republic? Why do we have run-away unconstitutional bureaucracies and courts? Can we do anything about it?

The answer to these questions and more is in this book! Get a sense of the depth of insights by reading The Author’s Comments and Introduction here. And yes – Schedule to have the Author bring the presentation lecture to you!

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NOW – Updated In 2017: “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists

Read the Preface Excerpts  here – A book that takes a historical look at conservatism in the US in contrast to Founders intent regarding a Constitutional Republic: Constitutionalism.  Read the “” here as well as buy the book on that page or available on Amazon.