Illegal Immigration – Who's Responsible?

Our Founders expected that we would be a self-governing people established in morality and virtue.  Samuel Adams writes that every citizen was compelled to participate in the political process and attend community meeting where even the voice of the village idiot would be heard.  Today, the citizenry is discouraged from participating in the process that affects their Liberty.  It has been and continues to be about “Self-Governance.”
Illegal Immigration – Who’s Responsible?.

How do you think about a Christian responsibility and response in regard to self-governance?  Read Doug Wilson’s post!

The Scruffiest You Ever Saw

Exert: “Now I am about to show that resistance to encroaching tyranny is a biblical necessity. Not only is it lawful according to the laws of God, it is also lawful according to the laws of our land and the long heritage of our civilization. When such resistance occurs in a stark despotism, our weapon is our blood on the sand of the Colliseum. When such resistance becomes necessary in a society where there has been a heritage of liberty, it will be because corruption has set in. Our opposition to that corruption will not be met with loud shouts of acclaim from the corrupt establishment. We will not find ourselves walking across the golf green of reformation accompanied by the polite golf applause of the regnant scoundrels and mountebanks. That’s not how it works. There will be disputes, and court cases, not to mention some yelling, and don’t forget some IRS audits.”

Gramsci – Prelude to Alinsky & Obama

In the circles of discussion that attempt to understand the philosophical depravity of Mr. Obama, many point to one of his associates and mentors Saul Alinsky.  As it may be true that Alinsky set the model for community organizing in the U. S. and that this then is a systematic revolution through methodology being implemented by the present individual administering this revolution from Washington D.C.  The full plan cannot be understood without having a rational assessment of Gramsci.
The following link is one of the best surveys of who Antonio Gramsci was and how his writings have affected the very core of the revolution against our Foundational Structure and Intent of the ‘Spirit of 1776’.  Please take the time to read and understand “Gramsci’s Grand Plan” first published in ‘The New American,’ July 5, 1999.
We are seeing Constitutional subterfuge in full play and hence fighting against an internal revolution that has ‘No Hope’ but is designed for ‘Change’ into a neo-Marxist ideology of Gramsci’s dream regime.