Enemies Within

This is a must watch.  Trevor has been speaking for years on our behalf.  He speaks from a well documented perspective of the reality what is going on in America NOW.

Trevor Loudon – The Enemy Within

The churches must speak as the time of the First Great Awakening and get involved to secure Liberty.  It is not about sitting on a rooftop waiting for a rapture.  It is about getting in the waters of the flood and fight against the tide as our Founders did.

We Forgot the "Just War" Theory of our Founders & Our Faith

This is an excellent article in its fundamental discussion and the perspective of ‘just war’ beliefs that our Founder had. “Just War” theory actually came from the Reformation Biblical world view and was obviated by the globalist and pseudo marxist that emerged in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Our loss of Citizens moral check on the elected came with the great expansion of American population growth in the mid-1800’s and the travesty of the results of the Amendments after the Civil War.  Oh there is so much more and then there is the UN and the destruction of our heritage and education of our people by humanist/socialist John Dewey followed by the pressures of UNESCO to indoctrinate students into global citizens.
I do agree with the view of the articles author that our military is no longer a place to be. As many of us that served, we saw much that was questionable and only if we took time to study our Founders Principles and history did we understand that the globalist have been attacking the foundations of the nation from its inception and more so at the turn to the 20th century. 100 years of planning and sedition is culminating toward the final objective unless We The People take action in the Principles of our Founding Fathers!


Smart Cities? What Happen Smart Growth.

Seeing the unintended consequences of many policies in various areas over the years what makes the implementation of Smart Growth any smarter?  We can discuss the points of the grander scheme of Agenda 21 but most folks get glassy eyed when that conversation gets brought up.  But, when you talk about local issues of taxation and freedom to do things with their property – well then – you have there attention!  Here’s and article that I believe that almost anyone, even the progressive, can understand.

Smart Growth?: U Cities vs. Galaxy Cities

Progressive urban policies hurt the poor, pamper the rich, and drive off the middle class