Deception in Health Care

The critical mass of what we are seeing played out in the present Paul Ryan Health Bill debacle is absolutely easy to understand if…. One has paid any remote attention to ‘treaties’ and UN requirements. Now this commentary is not conspiracy theory junk. In my seminar “From Covenant to The Present Constitution: The Tale of Two Constitutions[1]” I show in detail from the State Department web site that we are entangled to the tune of about 10,000 treaties and ‘executive agreements.’  George Washington, in his Farewell Address warned us not to get captured and enslaved this way.
I’m going to keep this commentary short. Those that know me are rolling on the floor laughing! The simple analysis on why we ended up with what I call Congress Care (obama-care) in the first place begins in 2001. Yes, 2001 with a UN report by none other than – “the UN committee that monitors compliance with the Race Convention (CERD).” CERD noted in their report as summarized in ‘The Right to Health Under International Law and Its Relevance to the United States[2] by Alicia Ely Yamin, JD, MPH: “specifically noted its concern with respect to “persistent disparities in the enjoyment of, in particular, . . . access to public and private health care” and recommended that the United States “take all appropriate measures, including [affirmative] measures . . . to ensure [these rights].”65(¶398) The CERD’s concluding observations make it clear that a right-to-health framework goes beyond both medical and ethical and quality-of-care issues to focus on state accountability. As illustrated by a 2003 Physicians for Human Rights report, a rights approach to racial disparities in treatment includes such issues as provider education and service delivery but emphasizes governmental accountability for redress, as well as for improved collection, analysis, and dissemination of appropriately disaggregated data that permits the detection of disparities and potential discrimination; it also includes the creation of effective enforcement mechanisms, such as a Health Section within the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.56
Ok, I’m not going to go into the details of this document by Alicia Yamin since I know you can read it for yourself. The key point is that as with much of what happens in ‘the swamp,’ the UN and the over 10,000 entanglements stomp on Founders Intent regarding what is Constitutional and what is NOT. This is also why I wrote “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists.” That is to make it clear that most who govern, even if they call themselves ‘Conservative’ have Zero clue what is Constitutionally correct according to Founders Intent.
Sadly, they are functioning in a Constitutionally correct way based on what they learn once in ‘the swamp’ relative to the mentioned entanglements. Yes, I guess I have to unwillingly concede that the Paul Ryan Health Care debacle is the best we will get because of the capitulation to treaties and executive agreements that are in place.
Our hope and challenge is to tell our representation, including the President and VP, to stand against the UN entanglements and REPEAL completely ‘Congress Care / obama-care. When the replacement is written it MUST take the form of Federalism and have the clause that states;
“We the People of the United States as a Federated Republic reject the establishment of international imposition on our Sovereign capacity as intended in our Original Founding Constitution which does not establish health care as a fundamental right.”
I can bet my last two nickels that not a person in Congress has the intestinal fortitude to go down that path. It’s up to you, how you will learn and Act!  I will stand firm on Repeal, Reject any UN infringements, Replace with simplicity according to Original Constitutional Intent under Federalism.
[2] Am J Public Health. 2005 July; 95(7): 1156–1161., doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2004.055111,