The National Center for the Development of Constitutional Strategies (NCDCS) is committed to defining solutions to America’s problems through the Founder’s Intent of Constitutionalism.
The majority of Americans do not know that the Founders and Framers of our States and National governments really did understand and foresee the common problems of self-governance, economy, commerce, trade, national defense and every other problematic issue facing 21st Century America.  The Book of Ecclesiastes states, “There is nothing new under the sun.”
Every problem in America can be solved by a concise understanding of our foundational documents and true history with the renewal of Original Constitutionality while rejecting the globalist agenda of the UN and other philosophies intent on transforming our Constitutional form of self-governance.
NCDCS is pleased to collaborate with various organizations such as the American Policy Center, Roots of Freedom, Wall Builders and other policy centers that approach a Constitutional solution and not single issue band-aid solutions for the healing of America.
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