Catching Up In Time

It has been a long time in catching up on this site. My apologies.
Over the last couple of years since my last post here I have been very focussed on and the radio program on . We have also been very involved with participating in the Liberator Network and its Tax Working Group (
We are preparing a new transition for this site from to our own dedicated url. This will let us build a closer relationship with all that we are doing with Samuel Adams Returns as well as other sites that meet the criteria of the National Center for Constitutional Strategies.
Just to remind everyone, the root of this site is to provide truth regarding Foundational Principles that restore interest in policy development that is rooted in American Core Values.

To the Governor of Washington: A List of Grievances by We the People

This is exactly how Lesser Magistrates should function!
To the Governor of Washington: A List of Grievances by We the People.
Learn more by studying both the Magdeburg Confession and The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates!

2014 Anti-Federalist Year in Review

Well I started this blog post at least four times now. Those that know me would expect that I build the clock for the New Year instead of answering your question as to when the midnight chime will strike. With that, I’ll try and keep the answer to the question simple and see if I can hit the 500-word blog rule.
As we look at the future opportunities in 2015 to extend the Founders Principles of Liberty we have to look at the past year for successes and losses. When I look at the past, I cannot see 2014 with out looking at the period between 1764 and 1772. As I will always preface anything I post, Ecclesiastes always nails it – “There is nothing new under the sun.”
The wins in 2014 are limited in my point of view. I’ll start with the local. We still do not have enough precinct people getting their feet on the street and exercising their responsibilities to their constituents. Precinct Officers are for the most part playing the role nationally and show up for district meetings to do the bare minimum of voting in those higher profile aspects of the job. The fact remains that they are the ‘First and Closest’ person elected in the community and they need to be meeting those in the community for all the reasons I’ve talked about in every forum I’ve been invited to speak at and on the radio program. So I continue to put the Precinct Person limited activity in the “LOSS Column.”
Related to this are several wins that outside organizations have accomplished. There are the national groups that have rallied local Citizens to get out the vote, voter information, issue information and yes, getting “nullification” legislation introduced. This is all wonderful in the “SUCCESS Column.” But there are many losses in the local and county areas when we look at the aggression of the EPA via ‘sustainability’ into the smallest cities in America. The enslavement of the Citizenry by the encroachment in property rights would have the Founders marching with 300, 000 armed men into the heart of the beast. But men in America have been eviscerated with sports and economic feudalism that they don’t understand that they are slaves to the lords of sustainability let alone all the other encroachments that we don’t have the word count to address.
Congress Care, known as the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is a nothing more than a communist feudal system to control the Citizenry. It is a teetering in litigation and the cowardness of those that foisted it on the Citizenry. The opportunities to defund it by the Republican House was a great loss and a proof of the culpability of the House leadership in the demise of Foundational Intent for protecting private property – being the personal finances and private effects of the individual. This battle is still in the air with some minor Wins and major Losses since it is still a law that is funded.
Well, I’m over the word count and we haven’t even begun to cover the significant wins and losses. Even with the so-called Republican wave of wins in November to take the House and Senate, the leadership is still in the hands of the international bankers and lobbyist. Golly, this is exactly what the Anti-federalist warned of. The same influences that fostered the first American Revolution are continuing to drive the nation into slavery. I’ll cover more of this on the radio program as the New Year gives opportunity.
With all that is in front of us for 2015, don’t expect a lot from the Republican leadership. When you have the likes of John McCain attacking the Patriots in Arizona and Boehner ignoring the anything that is Foundationally factual; we will see more of the same. Oh, wait for more on the destruction of our nation with amnesty and the despotic tyrannical puppet continuing to do the bidding of his puppet masters.
There have been Wins locally that I don’t have the time to get into. But, local is where the Founders began as so to do we. Get your Precinct People do what they were elected to do and if you have to, go with them or do it for them so that we can bring the essence of Liberty to fruition as our Founders Intended.
Sorry that I had to go over the 500 words but as you know, I always have a lot to say.
Have a great New Year!

Why Do You Believe What You Do?

TODAY At 7 PM eastern on
A look at what influenced the core beliefs of Samuel Adams and many of the Anti-federalist. What was influential in their understanding of the Reformations impact on political thinking that gave then the perspective on Federalism and Constitutionalism?
We have this great mix of what individuals think the American Dream is or should be. We have a confusion in our political thought as to what Liberty is. Many act or react on what I have called over the last decade ‘the American DNA’ but no one has really done the genetic research. Those that claim they have are influence by the ism and post-foundational revisionist historical truths.

Today on Samuel Adams Returns – The Anti-federalists Got It Right I take us back to the roots of that which our Founders studied, better yet, what their ancestors, those that landed in the 1600’s were intimate with.

We Forgot the "Just War" Theory of our Founders & Our Faith

This is an excellent article in its fundamental discussion and the perspective of ‘just war’ beliefs that our Founder had. “Just War” theory actually came from the Reformation Biblical world view and was obviated by the globalist and pseudo marxist that emerged in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Our loss of Citizens moral check on the elected came with the great expansion of American population growth in the mid-1800’s and the travesty of the results of the Amendments after the Civil War.  Oh there is so much more and then there is the UN and the destruction of our heritage and education of our people by humanist/socialist John Dewey followed by the pressures of UNESCO to indoctrinate students into global citizens.
I do agree with the view of the articles author that our military is no longer a place to be. As many of us that served, we saw much that was questionable and only if we took time to study our Founders Principles and history did we understand that the globalist have been attacking the foundations of the nation from its inception and more so at the turn to the 20th century. 100 years of planning and sedition is culminating toward the final objective unless We The People take action in the Principles of our Founding Fathers!


Smart Cities? What Happen Smart Growth.

Seeing the unintended consequences of many policies in various areas over the years what makes the implementation of Smart Growth any smarter?  We can discuss the points of the grander scheme of Agenda 21 but most folks get glassy eyed when that conversation gets brought up.  But, when you talk about local issues of taxation and freedom to do things with their property – well then – you have there attention!  Here’s and article that I believe that almost anyone, even the progressive, can understand.

Smart Growth?: U Cities vs. Galaxy Cities

Progressive urban policies hurt the poor, pamper the rich, and drive off the middle class

How do you think about a Christian responsibility and response in regard to self-governance?  Read Doug Wilson’s post!

The Scruffiest You Ever Saw

Exert: “Now I am about to show that resistance to encroaching tyranny is a biblical necessity. Not only is it lawful according to the laws of God, it is also lawful according to the laws of our land and the long heritage of our civilization. When such resistance occurs in a stark despotism, our weapon is our blood on the sand of the Colliseum. When such resistance becomes necessary in a society where there has been a heritage of liberty, it will be because corruption has set in. Our opposition to that corruption will not be met with loud shouts of acclaim from the corrupt establishment. We will not find ourselves walking across the golf green of reformation accompanied by the polite golf applause of the regnant scoundrels and mountebanks. That’s not how it works. There will be disputes, and court cases, not to mention some yelling, and don’t forget some IRS audits.”