Commentaries and Studies

This page will consist of Active postings that are commentaries and the results of more direct studies in the topical areas of the site.
Opening the Studies with:
Ripping Open the Veil on Healthcare: Can there be an internationalist tie between healthcare reform and Constitutional usurpation? What if Congress did act in accordance to what they fully believed to within their right to do – according to treaty and Executive Order?  What is the link between the ‘‘Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010″ and Agenda 21?

DICED Alert!!!  This Alert is regarding the Draft International Covenant on the Environment and Development (DICED) revision 4 being presented at Rio +20 on June 20 – 22, 2012.  DICED is the full international law implementation of Agenda 21. The Alert points out the history, purpose and intent to transition a nations “soft law” implementation of Agenda 21, Climate Change, Forest Management, Water, Trade and all other considerations of human kind into “hard law” managed by the United Nations.  All source documentation is included in the Alert. The Alert has Action Items for the U. S. Citizens.