Founding Documents

Modern society has a tendency to read only that which is available over the last 40 years yet to understand our true founding principles, it is necessary to go back to the original document.  These fundamental documents are a collection of what was in the news papers of the day.  The writings were for everyone and were understood by all members of society.  Those in modern times that say otherwise are deceiving you.
We will present links to these documents and commentary as needed through trusted authors that do not change the intent of the Founders writings.
It is our duty as Citizens to know these truths in the preservation of Liberty.
Our Primary Documents:
Declaration Of Independence
Constitution of The United States
The Bill of Rights to the Constitution with Preamble
Amendments 11 through 27
The Founders Constitution:  This work has the original documentation that supports the Constitution as well as the writings, like the Anti-federalist, who ensured a Bill of Rights was ultimately included in our foundations of self-governance.  This work can be obtained in hard copy. Contact us for sourcing.
The Federalist Papers  A must read with the understanding that the assumption was that those empowered to execute the new government would be moral and virtuous individuals.
The Anti-federalist Papers  Those that saw the perils of the new government if those that executed it were not moral and virtuous thereby re-establishing tyranny.