There are those that discuss the top 100 challenges that are destroying America.  We have been Identifying  them slowly and purposefully on the other pages of this site.  It is always easy to point out problems especially in these modern times.  It is more challenging to come up with ways to resolve the issues, especially in a principled manner that are not the laying on of one Band-Aid™* over another.  This site is dedicated to “Problem Solving Through Constitutionalism.”
This is the process of looking at solving these problems by understanding the “Intent” of the Founders and the historical context of how they established the Constitution to address problems.  When one studies our history, the reality is that “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Those that don’t believe the Founders understood what we are dealing with in the 21st Century have no understanding of the men who participated in establishing our Charter for self-governance.
The contributors to this section have a core knowledge and understanding of our true history from source documents, a clear knowledge of the primary Founders and a study of the Constitution as intended by these Founders.
Understanding the “Original Intent” of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution will give the guidance necessary to solve the problems of America and stop placing the layers of Band-Aids™* that have built up over the last century.
*Band-Aid is a trademark of Johnson & Johnson

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