This is one of the most misunderstood and least honestly informed topic in America.  The reality is that the Founder of the United States has always been based on capitalism.  Even in an agrarian society as the the early settlers were a part of and the southern states continued a part of well through the early 20th Century, commerce was the ultimate means of trade or exchange.  America was a part of the Mercantile System of England and Europe in general up through the American Revolution.  Interestingly, a new revolution emerged in 1776 emerged in England as Adam Smith completed and published his work, The Wealth of Nations.  This work significantly influenced many in America and as the country industrialized, the full idea of Capitalism emerged.
This page and its sub pages will more greatly explore what the Founders considered in the Constitution that would allow individual Citizens to build wealth through the protections ensured via the Bill of Rights so that States could continue their roles as the true protectors of the People.
As an engaging primer to begin the critical thinking and education around economics the programs aired on PBS “Freedom To Choose” is the information to digest first.

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