Federal Farmers Predictions on the Constitution

This page is long and must be searched by the Titles that will take the reader to each of the Federal Farmers published letters.  Emphasis has been added to help the reader get a focus on the points being addressed that are relative to the 20th and 21st Centuries.  Those that were called Anti-Federalist were in Fact, the true leaders in Federalism.  Consider the key points as one thinks about the Constitution as it “was” Framed and what the Constitution “is” as expanded and corrupted from the point of view of the “was”.

Contents on this Page:

Federal Farmer No. I – The introduction as to what is viewed by true Republicans believing in Federalism regarding the Constitution as initially presented to the States.

Federal Farmer No. II – Is this a consolidated government?  What happens to the States? What can lead to despotism?

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